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Review: The iRig 2 Mobile Guitar Interface

Review: The iRig 2 Mobile Guitar Interface

Written by Tamer, Musicroom London. 

iRig2 Mobile Guitar Interface, by IK MultimediaIK Multimedia are an Italian company from Modena who have been making software and hardware for computer-based musicians for several years. They have the widest range of iOS and tablet-orientated recording equipment of any company anywhere.

The iRig 2 is a pocket-sized interface that allows you to plug your guitar into an iOS– or Android-compatible device and record your ideas and songs. The unit has a guitar-compatible ¼’’ jack input, a stereo 3.5mm headphone output and another ¼’’ jack. This all enables the guitarist to plug the output of the device into a guitar amp. There is a gain control to allow optimisation of the input signal level and also a Thru/FX switch. The unit plugs into the headphone jack of your tablet or phone; no esoteric cables or adaptors are necessary.

The unit is compatible with virtually any app that can process audio on iOS or Android, including GarageBand and IK Multimedia’s own Amplitube.

iRig2 Mobile Guitar Interface attached to a guitar.

When the switch is in the Thru position, the guitar’s signal passes to the ¼’’ output into an amp or other device. The signal is routed through to the tablet as well but you don’t get to hear this software-routed signal, so it’s useful for a tuner app, for instance. In the FX position, the sound coming from the ¼’’ output is the signal that is coming from the tablet having passed through the software effects.

All in all, it’s a great little device and is rightly very popular. It’s well-priced for what it offers, easy to use and would make a brilliant gift for any guitarist, whether they are short on recording gear or even if they have almost everything. The device is ready to use anywhere, whether it be on holiday, backstage at a gig, or during your lunch break!



The iRig2 Mobile Guitar Interface can connect to iOS and Android devices.


Now everyone can plug in their guitar, bass or other instrument on their iOS or Android devices. With the release of iRig 2, the world’s most popular guitar interface is now better than ever before.

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