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Recorders making a noise in China

The recorder, the instrument most British children learn to play, is now generating some noise in China.
Music Sales, the publishers and parent company of Musicroom noticed the recorder’s rise in popularity in china, but also saw that there was very little tutorial material available in the Chinese language.
They have therefore translated the John Pitts series ‘Recorder From The Beginning’ in to Traditional Chinese to fill this gap and ensure teachers and children have the support they need to get the most from this versatile little instrument.
Recorder From The Beginning has been a huge success in the UK, with over 3.5 million copies sold since it was first written. Although the series started with just one book, there is now a range of books for different age and ability levels, as well as group and individual playing scenarios, all with the sole purpose of making the recorder fun, appealing, interesting and accessible.
The book launch saw John Pitts touring the East, running a series of workshops for teachers which saw a turnout of 500 attendees in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
During these workshops, the books and accompanying CDs were demonstrated – with John Pitts adding interactivity and personality to the event (with the help of an interpreter where necessary).
Ian Morgan, Music Sales Business Development Director said: “The events were a massive success and we are sure that the series will prove as popular in these markets as it has in the UK. As a nation, the Chinese are very keen on music education and enhancing their children’s lives through music. We are pleased to be working with the education services and helping to make music accessible at this interesting time.”

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