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Rare Beatles artefacts found

A selection of rock and roll treasures from a bygone era has been The Beatles: All You Need Is Love (2-Part)unearthed inĀ  the US.
Never seen before pictures, lyrics, notes and cards from the Beatles and friends heyday will be shared with the world, after lying dormant underneath a bed in Los Angeles for decades.
After following the fab four around at various stages during their career, Patti Daley has managed to accumulate a fantastic array of memorabilia charting the British rock and roll invasion of the US.
“It’s incredible, incredible, a lot of these things are things we’ve only read about,” Chris Carter, host of the radio program ‘Breakfast with The Beatles’ told NBC.
“I saw a picture of Mickey Dolenz climbing up a hill, a picture of Keith Moon on a shag carpet,” added Carter. “You know these are rock icons and these pictures no one has ever seen. And they are not published in 25 Beatles books. These are really first time viewings for these pictures.”
However, the rare collection includes more than just photos.
Patti also has handwritten cards from George Harrison and John Lennon, Play Guitar With... Best Of The Beatlesplus personal notes from now legendary recording sessions, all signed by the musicians who were there.
But the most impressive artefact is several song lyrics from Lennon’s ‘Walls and Bridges’ recording sessions, including what is believed to be his hand-written lyrics to his only solo US number one song ‘Whatever Gets You Through the Night’.
“I came to acquire those after sessions,” Daley explained to the news provider. “John would come in and put the lyrics on a podium. And he would just leave them there for me to pick up.”

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