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Radiohead debut two tracks in Miami to kick off their 2012 world tour

Radiohead have debuted two brand new tracks on the first night of their latest world tour in Miami.
The first, Identikit, bears some clear parentage to King of Limbs but with a more melodic, song-like bent.
The second track unveiled , Cut a Hole, is much less rhythmic than their most recent work, and instead echoes the long hold drones of their earlier albums with a touch of epic grandeur.
Whilst the two songs are undeniably ‘Radiohead’, once again the critically acclaimed UK five piece appear to be pushing on to greener pastures in search of a new sound rather than standing still.
Check out both songs in the YouTube videos below:

Cut a Hole

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What do you think of the two new tracks? As a musician, how do you view their constant appetite for reinvention? Perhaps you’d rather they stayed and developed upon a single album sound? Maybe you think they’re overrated and a bit too gloomy?
Whatever your thoughts, we want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below.

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