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Queen's music master calls for new national anthem

The Master of the Queen’s Music, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, has called for a new national anthem to be composed, claiming that God Save the Queen is “very boring”.
What’s more, he has even offered to write the new version.
In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, he suggested that the new anthem should be “a bit more stirring”.
“God Save the Queen has always struck me as having a very flat tune, and, indeed, it normally comes out sounding like one long ‘derrrrrrrrrrrr’,” he said.
Sir Peter compared the British national anthem to those of other nations like France and Germany, which are “a lot more impressive” and have “a more galvanising effect on their peoples”.
Benjamin Britten’s arrangement of our anthem was probably the best there has ever been, but he didn’t honestly have a lot to work with,” the composer remarked.
“It would be a lovely idea to start from scratch and come up with a whole new anthem. I don’t know if I am the one to write it, but it’s a thought.”
While just one verse of God Save the Queen is usually sung, the Telegraph suggests that there are six verses, with some sources claiming more that have been added over the years to mark certain events.
Not all of the verses would be quite suitable for performing today, though. Verse six speaks of crushing the “rebellious Scots”.
The suitability of the national anthem has been a hot topic recently. While the public berated the length of Jerusalem, the anthem played to celebrate an England win at the Commonwealth Games last year, Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton recently claimed God Save the Queen is too short.
He told the BBC: “When I stand up there and Felipe [Massa] has won, [the Brazilian national anthem] is ten minutes long – and when I’m standing there it lasts half a minute. I would urge the UK to make our national anthem longer.”

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