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Pupils benefit from cutting-edge cloud based Music Technology from MusicFirst

MusicFirst, the Digital Education Division of Music Sales, has formed a unique partnership with the Newham Music Hub that aims to provide thousands of school children in Newham with access to cutting edge cloud based music technology.
As part of Newham Music Hub’s response to the Ofsted report ‘What Hubs must do’ the pilot scheme will provide schools with a portfolio of teaching resources covering music theory and aural skills, music sequencing and production, music notation and appreciation and learning.
Philip Castang, Chief Executive of Newham Music Trust stated “what excited us about the Music First software was the ability to enable schools to provide large numbers of pupils with the latest cloud based music teaching resources and technology in a cost effective way. Importantly, Ofsted suggest that 50% of learning happens outside the classroom. As the software is on the cloud it is accessible at home and in the classroom and literally anywhere there is a computer, at a friend’s house for example. This provides an important continuity between learning and experiencing music in school, at home and as part of a wider social life”.
The partnership has the potential to support all music teachers with really useful and effective teaching resources to reinforce learning and engage students in music, and to give every child in the borough the opportunity to create music anytime, anywhere, on any machine, and share it with the world.
In January 2014 pilot projects will start in several primary and secondary schools in the borough and scheme will start to expand in the spring term.
MusicFirst is pleased to be able to offer this innovative technology to benefit such as wide reach of schools.

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