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Singers FAQ's – Practice Makes Perfect

Singing is an often overlooked musical area with people thinking that because you use your voice as an instrument that it doesn’t need practice.  There are many ways you can improve your singing and advance with it. However silly you may feel your question is, Musicroom can give you answers from our team of in-house experts, so please do contact us now!

1) I want to be the next Leona Lewis- where do I start?
First of all you need to decide whether you’re cut out for fame and if you can make it in such a cut-throat industry? If the answer is yes then you can head down various routes- perhaps joining a choir, a stage school or vocal and drama class, OR head to an audition like X Factor or Pop Idol and hope your talent gets recognised by the judges!

2) How can I improve my technique?
A good place to start is to revisit the basics- breathing and vocal exercises are important foundations to start on for every singer. You can ask for professional advice or use a tuition book or DVD. Remember practice makes perfect but rest and a healthy lifestyle are also important for your vocal chords to remain in tip top condition.
3) I’m interesting in song writing- where do I start?
Chances are you already know if you have the creativity to be a good songwriter or not. You probably already play an instrument to a good standard and have a thorough understanding of chords, rhythms and melodies. If you have those attributes then the next good place to start is to just start writing and see how you get on. A good book on songwriting is also useful to give you pointers on steps to get there, as well as answering all your questions on writers block and how to make money from your songs.
4) Do I need to have a singing/ voice coach?
Many of today’s famous singers won’t have had any professional training and you might find you don’t need any to start with, but often it is useful to have someone in the know who can help you perfect your technique, especially breathing exercises and how to reach those really high notes.

5) I’d like to join a choir- where do I find my local one?
Take a look at the National Association of Choirs website for details of choirs in your area.

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