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Pianists FAQ's- Practice Makes Perfect

So you have shown an interest in learning to play the piano, but often there are niggling questions that you want answered first before committing.
1) Is it expensive to learn to play the piano?
With digital pianos starting from less than £300 learning to play this instrument doesn’t have to be expensive. It might even be the case that your household already has a piano tucked away or you can pick up a second-hand one that just needs some tuning. Ask around and check out our selection online too. As it is an investment for your musical future you may want to try before you buy- in which case visit our expert instore staff.
2) Do I need a piano teacher?
Not necessarily. Hiring a piano teacher can be expensive if needed for a long period of time. You can learn the basics and even advanced piano playing with tuition books and DVDs to guide you. Then if you decide you still want some expert advice you can visit our instore experts for tips, or see a teacher for one off lessons to help.
3) What is the difference between playing keyboard and playing piano?
Keyboards are electronic and often come with special sounds and sounds of other instruments at the touch of a button or 2. Pianos can be digital or acoustic and have more than 88 keys compared to a keyboard which has far less. Keyboards are cheaper than pianos but many musicians argue that the sound and feel isn’t as good. It’s all down to personal preference.

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