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Drummers FAQ's – Practice Makes Perfect

There are so many types of drums out there that you can learn to play or maybe already play. Here are a few questions we get asked all the time, but if you have a burning question you would like answered then please do contact us!

1) What sort of drums can I learn to play? What is the difference amongst them all?
The first choice to make is: acoustic or electronic? And then you can choose from buying a put together drum kit consisting of a variety of different drums or buying each piece individually. For beginners, a drum kit is a good place to start as it has variety and an easy to use layout.
2) What extra instruments work well with drums?
You can add extra instruments to your repertoire and drum kit. Cymbals, cow bells and other drums you don’t already have are popular choices. It’s always best to get advice if you’re unsure and our expert store staff are all highly trained to provide excellent free advice.
3) I want to play like my heroes- what books can you recommend?
DVDs are actually a better choice than books for learning to play like your favourite drummers- you can see and hear them and copy at home easily rather than worrying about whether or not you have got the technique right. Check out the best selection here.

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