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Power of advertising sees 90s boyband heading for chart success

As the official chart company hit us with the news that Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car is making a return to the charts on the back of a Britain’s Got Talent audition, T-Mobile attempt to go one step better by steering East 17 to chart success.
The band’s 1992 smash hit, House of Love, is poised to make a return to the singles charts following its use on the mobile provider’s recent spoof Royal Wedding advert.
Originally released by the company on its YouTube site, the advert, which peaked at number 10 upon its release, has clocked up over 12 million views so far and seen the mobile communications company’s Facebook page overwhelmed by requests for the song.
Spencer McHugh, director of brand at T-Mobile, said: “Wedding Dance is all about love and celebration so this song just summed it up for us. It’s a total classic.”

And keen not to let fans down, T-Mobile has teamed up with Rhino UK to re-release the track to meet demand around the world.
The spoof video features 15 royal lookalikes dancing down the aisle of a church in a dance routine choreographed to the track House of Love.
Dan Chalmers, managing director of Rhino UK, commented: “This is a good example of how a popular video can re-ignite interest in a track or an artist. House of Love is a great British pop song so we’re pleased people are still enjoying it, nearly twenty years on.”
And fans that decide to re-purchase the track will get the added bonus of a limited-edition single cover, which features a picture of all four original East 17 band members in front of the altar of St Barts church, Clerkenwell, where the advert was filmed.

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