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Portsmouth's Favourite Guitar!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you, the guitar that tempts us lovely lot at Musicroom Portsmouth to part with our hard earned cash more than any other – the Vintage V300!

“Vintage?”, i hear you say, “Don’t they make entry level guitars?”
Well, that they may well do, but in the V300 they have a stonking little guitar that punches well above it’s (very light!) weight.
For one, it is pretty much the cheapest Solid Top acoustic you can buy, meaning it is richer in sound than any other guitar with it’s meagre £139 price tag. It also boasts a lovely neck with rosewood fingerboard, compact body shape, and comes in a choice of Lacquered Spruce or Satin Mahogany finishes.
When you compare it to the other entry level Solid Tops (Yamaha FG700 & Fender CD140, both @ £179) it makes for an eye catching bargain for a beautiful guitar!
It was also voted Best Guitar under £1000 by Guitar magazine (“Every home should have one…”)
The Mahogany in particular catches our eyes the most often, you’ll probably have to prise it out of our hands to come and try it out!

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