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Pop Phrase Lite – So you think you know your 60s from your 70s?

A Lite version of the popular quiz app Pop Phrase is now available for free on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod – the ultimate visual quiz for music enthusiasts, it’s a race against the clock to guess the song title from the picture on screen!
See if you can name the tune in less than 45 seconds with this new App, the ultimate visual quiz for pop music lovers.
The concept is simple – a picture flashes up on screen, and your job is to decipher it and guess the song title.
It’s a race against the clock to guess the correct song title in time, the quicker you are the more points you get! If you get stuck all is not lost – press the ‘hint’ button to hear an audio sample of the song in question to help you guess the right answer.

The lite version of the game contains a selection of easy questions for you to answer. By getting the full game, you unlock hundreds of questions split into three difficulty levels so you won’t get bored easily! You can then post your score to the interactive leaderboard and see how your score compares to other players around the globe.
Think you’re a Pop Music wizz? Then this is the game for you!
The full version is available here.
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