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Police raid 4am gig after band name mix up

Some band names draw attention for all the wrong reasons, and often by design.
Just a quick trawl through a list of the more savage names used by the hardcore punk fraternity will give you an idea of the more blunt and brutal pseudonyms undertaken by artists looking to stand out from the more genteel crowd.
Whether it be through overly suggestive terms, controversial political slogans or plain old expletives, close-to-the-bone band names have been used by artists to grab the headlines through sheer offensiveness for decades.
For one Surrey based group however, their name was just too much for the local constabulary to take after seeing the band listed on the bill of a local pub.
With licensing officers in tow, police officers made their way to the venue, The Feathers in Laleham, Surrey, but what they found was not what they’d expected.
The pub’s licensee described herself “speechless” after the officials turned up to object to the band, 4am, after spotting a poster advertising the gig with “live music from 4am.”
Speaking to the BBC News website, Kate Dillon recounted the mix-up.
“I was angry more than anything on the day. We’ve never had any need to call the police or had any trouble. If one official turns up that’s funny enough, but if four people come into the pub like they did, it’s absolutely ridiculous.
“When I calmed down a bit I thought it was absolutely hilarious. They made idiots of themselves really. Why did they need to come around instead of calling me first? It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money.”
Named after the Herbie Hancock track, 4am are a duo made up of musicians Joe Beckett and John Adams.
A spokeswoman for the local council encouraged people to understand the situation from their point of view:
“Following a visit to the Feathers, there was no cause for concern. The visit was carried out following seeing an advertisement which mentioned 4am.
“On investigation, this was part of the name of the band. Licensing staff often make such visits, either pre-arranged or not and the Feathers was one of a number of premises visited that night.”
Have you ever had any run-ins with the local authorities for playing live music?
Have you ever been in a group with a name that drew attention?

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