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Street Pianos: Play Me, I'm Yours

Street PianosMusicians who feel their creative juices flowing as they wander down the high street will be pleased by news that dozens of brightly-painted pianos will be springing up around Burnley and Blackburn for the rest of this month.
The brainchild of British artist Luke Jerram, the Play Me, I’m Yours project has been designed to encourage creativity through street music.
Located around the parks, streets and squares of the two cities, 24 separate pianos will be available for any member of the public to play, decorate or personalise any way they wish.
According to the project creator, placing the instruments around a region is designed to help get people actively engaging and claiming ownership of the space around them, while also promoting enjoyment through music.
“The pianos act as a blank canvas for everyone else’s creativity,” Mr Jerram explains, adding that it gives people the opportunity to bond and connect with each other through the learning of music.
He continued: “The pianos have levered many hidden musicians from out of the woodwork. It has become apparent that there are hundreds of pianists out there who don’t have access to a piano to play.
“Play Me I’m Yours provides access to musical instruments and provides musicians an opportunity to share their creativity by performing in public.”
Cities where the initiative has already been successfully are London, New York and Bath, as well as international destination such as Barcelona, Sydney and Sao Paulo.

Following the event, the pianos are set to be donated to local schools and community groups to use in any way they see fit.¬†For more information on the project you can visit the Play Me, I’m Yours website.

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