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Play Guitar chords in any style!

Acoustic Guitar ChordsAll guitarists know the importance of chord knowledge. Most will have started out learning basic chords which will, in turn, have formed the basis of much of their playing as they progressed.
Guitarists who play multiple styles also know that different chord types and voicings are needed to take advantage of the tonal properties of acoustic guitars and electric guitars, as well as to bring out the signature sounds which characterise different genres, such as rock and jazz.
Rock Guitar ChordsNow, to meet the needs of new guitarists aiming to gain a well-rounded stylistic knowledge, professional guitarist and educator, Chad Johnson, is releasing a range of titles designed to  teach essential chords quickly and efficiently.
Each book concentrates on chords for a specific style of music, including acoustic chords, rock chords, blues chords and jazz chords. The books assume no previous chord knowledge and remove any superfluous detail, reinforcing new chords with example progressions and songs.
As an added bonus, each book is also supplied with a DVD with demonstrations for every chord and also every example progression, accompanied by a full band.
Acoustic Guitar Chords and Rock Guitar Chords are now available at musicroom, while Blues Guitar Chords and Jazz Guitar Chords are due for release over the next two months.

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