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What is Piano Adventures?

A comprehensive, integrated piano curriculum that has become the teaching method of choice at leading university programmes and music studios around the world. This student-centred approach uses analysis, creativity, and expression to develop a “musical mind and heart.” The delightful, pianistic pieces and creative theory pages, combined with an outstanding technical approach, encourage practice and progress—with adventure!

Why Use Piano Adventures?

Four key attributes set the method apart from others:
1 – Approach to Reading. Piano Adventures has established a new model with its composite approach to note reading. The ability to read music is developed by effectively integrating three essential skills: discrete note recognition, intervallic reading, and multi-key understanding. These are carefully sequenced and reinforced throughout the curriculum, to build successful readers.
2 – Approach to Pianism. Pianistic pieces and songs with creative lyrics are one of the hallmarks of Piano Adventures. All of the music has been specifically composed or arranged to build a strong technical and artistic approach to playing.
3 – Imagination and Artistry. The lyrics, art, and musical imagination embedded in Piano Adventures make it keenly attractive to children. The Technique & Performance books present essential Technique Secrets, exercises, and etudes that lead to expressive Performance Pieces. Short Discovery and Creative questions foster habits of analysis and creative exploration.
4 – Student Appeal. Years of painstaking pilot testing have ensured a method with wide student appeal, through a rich variety of sounds and moods. The appeal of the music and carefully structured pedagogy have been confirmed by thousands of letters and comments from teachers and students worldwide.

What’s New at Piano Adventures?

Explore, Plan, and Teach with the Teacher Atlas

Whether you’re teaching in-person, online, or both, the Piano Adventures Teacher Atlas streamlines your teaching experience with access to a complete virtual bookshelf, plus hundreds of videos, lesson plans, and guides. Make annotations right on the page, quiz with interactive flashcards, and send linked assignments. Learn more at pianoadventures.com/atlas. To request 30-day complimentary access, please send an email to info@pianoadventures.co.uk with a little about yourself and your students.

Get Acquainted with Teacher Evaluation Packs

Nancy and Randall Faber are pleased to offer teachers who are new to Piano Adventures a unique opportunity to try the method in their own studio. Teacher Evaluation Packs are now available directly from the publisher’s website at: https://pianoadventures.co.uk/teacher-evaluation-copies/.

Online Digital Audio Support

Now you and your students can play along with orchestrated accompaniments for each Piano Adventures Lesson Book, on any laptop or mobile device. Create your own audio library right in your web browser. Visit the Audio Cloud to get started: cloud.pianoadventures.com

Bring Beethoven to Life for Your Students

Young music students, their teachers, and music lovers of all ages will enjoy this fascinating online adventure through Beethoven’s life. Eight biographical stories are combined with interactive Search & Discover activities, including fine performances by Randall Faber, David Andruss, and others. This visually rich and stimulating resource is free and available for individual or group teaching. It can be shared with students in online media libraries and learning management systems. Many thanks to Nancy and Randall Faber, whose vision and support have made this project possible. Visit beethoven.pianoadventures.com to get started.

We love to hear from you!

Tell us what you think. Drop us a line. Ask a pedagogy question. Find out more about the Teacher Atlas and other resources. We offer unparalleled support and we are committed to you and your teaching success. Write to info@pianoadventures.co.uk.



Piano Adventures

Piano Adventures is a student-centred approach, using analysis, creativity and expression to develop a “musical mind and heart”. The delightful, pianistic pieces and creative theory pages, combined with an outstanding technical approach, encourage practise and progress with adventure!
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