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Performing live helps Einaudi fulfil 'musical desires'

Ludovico Einaudi has revealed that he feels performing his music on Ludovico Einaudi: Una Mattinastage is just as important as creating it.
Speaking to Classic FM, the Italian composer has explained that performing live helps to make his “musical desires more complete”.
The artist has just embarked on a 15-date tour of the UK and Ireland where he will be performing at Cadogan Hall in London, Queens Hall in Edinburgh and The Royal Centre in Nottingham among other destinations.
In contrast to his last visit to the UK, Einaudi is currently touring without his band. Because of this he explained that he has been able to gain a greater freedom as a performer.
“Basically, I have a list. I will start with some of my more recent work and go back. It’s like a voyage through my music. For me the concert has to be a very sensitive moment,” he told the news provider.
Einaudi’s eclectic method of composition has not always been welcomed Ludovico Einaudi: The Einaudi Collectionby many hardened classical music critics although he makes no apology for creating works that draw on elements of rock, jazz, pop, classical and world music.
“I think this fascination with categories is a problem that distinguishes the academic world from those involved professionally with making music,” he said.
And, for fans of his work it seems that his fascination for performing will not hinder his creative side, promising to continue composing new work.
“I need to balance my two worlds. So for sure there will be more piano music. I am already writing some new music … I’m still very interested in working with the piano,” he told Classic FM.
After studying at the Conservatory in Milan, Einaudi has since made a significant impact in the film world, with four international awards to his name.

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