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Ozzy Osbourne set to teach management to business leaders

He may not be searching his own dark apprentice just yet, but could Ozzy Osbourne be metal’s answer to Alan Sugar?
Not content with headlining Download 2012, putting plans together for a new world tour and releasing a new album next year, Ozzy has teamed up with his fellow Black Sabbath band member, Bernie Torme,  and Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan to give a series of business seminars for corporate managers.
The heavy metal trio’s experiences touring the world in black clothing and smashing up hotel rooms may not appear immediately relevant to the business industry, but nonetheless, interest in the venture has been high, with the first session set to take place on June 19 at the Hilton Hotel in Dartford.
Peter Cook is the man behind the seminars, a former business manager and author of music management book Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll. Speaking to the Independent, Cook said: “Procurement managers are not known for throwing televisions out of windows or for their creativity.
“What we’re teaching them is about balancing the need for order and structure with a little bit of creative spark which gives them the edge over their competitors.”
His three-part team of rock royalty will use jam sessions to encourage their corporate attendees to think of how to innovate their management methods. The seminars will also focus on how discipline is an important attribute in the workplace, even for musicians who rely on their word of mouth reputation to rise up through the industry. After all, artists known for failing to turn up to gigs are unlikely to enjoy much enthusiasm from booking agents and tour companies.
Cook will also look at how poor management can lead to failures in the rock industry, using his own example of running an unsuccessful tour by musician John Otway.
“I have worked with a fair mix of Class A rock stars,” former Black Sabbath guitarist Tormé told the news provider.
“The music business is a great teacher of life skills such as negotiating, marketing, teamwork, high performance and so on, both how to do them well and occasionally the dark side of the force. Big companies are far more complex, although it’s not as different as you would think.”
Can Ozzy carve a career for himself as a corporate speaker? Following Sabbath’s triumphant comeback set at the weekend it’s unlikely he’ll need to consider giving up his day job any time soon.
Which music artist would you pick to learn from? What would you want them to teach you?

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