Ode to a Ford

When car manufacturer Ford announced that it would be “focusing on the music” to promote its best-selling Focus hatchback, not many people would have been able to guess what exactly the car giant had in mind.
But in a clever feat of musical ingenuity, the company conjured up an orchestra playing instruments created entirely from car parts.

This work is the brainchild of two American composers, Craig Richey & Bill Milbrodt. Together they took the car and turned it into a selection of musical instruments which were then played by an orchestra.
Among the instruments were the Transmission Case Cello-Dulcimer, Clutch Guitar, Rear Suspension Spike Fiddle, Fender Bass, Hatchback Kick Drum, Handheld Gear Tambourine and Door Harp.
According to Bill Milbrodt, one of the main challenges was creating instruments that were physically close enough to traditional instruments to enable the professional musicians to learn them quickly.

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