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The Novello Guide To Sight-Singing

The voice is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful and rewarding instruments to ‘play’. Yet, it is also one of the most difficult to control. Some instruments first require tuning and then manual intervention to sound pre-ordained pitches. Embouchure plays an important role for wind and brass instruments, and an adroit appreciation of intonation is essential for string players as they advance.

But how can singers guarantee to find the first note of a phrase, let alone any of those that follow, often at speed and in irregular patterns? Some conductors and singers prefer to teach and learn by rote. For others, sight-singing, and the techniques for improving this important skill, remain cloaked in mystery and out of reach.

The Novello Guide to Sight-Singing

The Novello Guide to Sight-Singing

Renowned choral educators, Ralph Allwood and Timothy Teague, have come to the rescue with their new interactive course, The Novello Guide to Sight-Singing.

This colourful book provides clear explanations, exercises, tips and tricks on the key fundamentals of sight-singing, including;

– basic music theory
– scales and stepwise motion
– larger intervals and awkward leaps
– fast and effective reading of choral scores
– examples from popular choral repertoire
– general good practice for choral singing

But there’s so much more!

There are also accompanying interactive tools, which come free alongside the book. Supported by SoundWise, there is an abundance of unique digital features to enhance the learning process. The most innovative of all being SoundCheck, powered by Match My Sound. This interactive device assesses your singing and offers you feedback on the accuracy of your performance.

With over 300 exercises for all voices ranges, this guide covers everything you’ll ever need to learn to sight-sing confidently. Whether you are 7 or 70, a beginner or an experienced singer, this book will improve your ability to read music and help you to enjoy singing to the full.

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