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Norwegian composer is as 'cool as ice'

A Norwegian-born composer will be performing a series of concerts in London this weekend using instruments constructed entirely from ice.
Terje Isungset, who is one of Europe’s leading percussionists, is looking to further bridge the gap between art and nature when he plays at Somerset House from this Friday through until Sunday.
Described as a “unique winter experience”, the show features instruments made entirely of ice – some of which have been carved from ancient glaciers and transported from Norway in portable freezers.
One of the unique instruments is a horn crafted entirely from a 600-year-old Norwegian glacier, while other instruments have been made from natural Norwegian products such as arctic birch, granite and slate.
There will be an ice percussion section and another instrument the composer describes as an “icophone” used during the performance. The objects were brought from Norway in a portable freezer and are stored in sub-zero temperatures between performances.
Isungset will be accompanied by singer Lena Nymark for the performances, while guests can also enjoy a sound and video installation during the days the concert is running for.
Speaking in a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, the composer explained how he became inspired by nature and its relationship with music over a decade ago.
“I realised that everything I was doing was just repeating something I had heard before,” Isungset told the news provider. “I could play in every style, but nothing was truly mine. So in my mid-twenties I stopped playing and started learning from scratch.”
The article continues, stating that Isungset is one of many Norwegian musicians who have been inspired by the stark quality of their own northern landscape, although it added that his use of objects from the landscape is unique.

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