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Nord debuts new flagship models

Nord Keyboards has announced details pertaining to its brand-new Nord: Wave Synthesiser Keyboardflagship  instrument line which combines the best of piano, organ and synth technology.
According to the manufacturer, the Nord Stage 2 represents a new take on the Stage series and boasts the latest sound generation technology in each of the piano, organ and synthesizer categories.
Described as having “state-of-the-art instrument designs for the professional and semi-professional keyboard player”, the series of instruments will be available from February 2011.
Indeed, the three Stage 2 models, Nord Stage 2 88, Nord Stage 2 76 and Nord Stage Compact are all hand-built in Stockholm, Sweden, and made their international debut at the NAMM 2011 show in California.
All of the instruments contain the latest piano sampling technology from the Nord Piano, including String Resonance, Dynamic Pedal Noise and a completely user-replaceable Nord: C2 Organ - 2 Manualsample memory, the manufacturer added.
The organ section featured on the Stage 2 boasts new and improved organ modelling derived from the C2 Organ and combines this with advanced rotary speaker functionality.
In addition, Nord has included a new synthesiser section in the Stage 2 which is derived from the company’s Wave model.
In terms of design, the series has a user interface which is designed to give immediate access to all key functions, as well as instant visibility of current settings.
This ease of use is further boosted by single function controls, dedicated piano, organ and synthesizer sections and new Live Mode buttons. In addition, the Stage 2 88 and 76 note versions feature a new custom-designed keybed.
Additional new features include MIDI over USB functionality, monitor input, midi sync for the global master clock and master clock sync for LFO, arpeggiator and delay.

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