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Noel reveals Oasis' singles story

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Noel Gallagher has provided insight into his inspiration for some of the songs on Oasis’ new album ‘Time Flies 1994-2009’.
The band’s latest release – which comes after they announced their split last year – brings together all of the group’s singles and features classic songs such as Wonderwall and Let There Be Love.
To coincide with the event, the oldest Gallagher brother has recorded a series of video clips in which he reminisces about his time with the band, his mindset at the time of writing certain songs and the recording process.
In one of the videos,  he speaks with great pride about the song ‘Some Might Say’, which became Oasis’ first UK number one single in 1995 – something he points out is not achieved by many rock ‘n’ roll bands. Noel revealed it was written while he was living in Chiswick in the midst of a three-day period when he was alone getting drunk and without anyone to talk to.
By way of contrast, Lyla, which appeared on the ‘Don’t Believe the Truth’ album in 2005, was written at a happier time, and as a result is in Noel’s own words a “joyous stampede from start to finish”.
Noel also takes time to explain the reasoning behind the track order for ‘Time Flies 1994-2009’, which, rather than list the songs chronologically, takes a more circuitous route through the Oasis singles catalogue.
This means that the running order starts with Supersonic and ends with Falling Down, with Noel hoping this gives the album the feel of a gig rather than a history lesson.
“I love Falling Down – it’s fitting to me that it was the last ever single because I think it was the best sounding of them all”
“I think if I was to sit here now and listen to Supersonic as the first and Falling Down as the last I would think ‘well that’s a pretty good journey… To bookend your career with those two, that’ll do.”
Fans have already shown their appreciation for ‘Time Flies 1994-2009’, with the album reaching the top of the charts in the first week after its release.

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