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Noel Gallagher reveals all about two new albums

Oasis fans waiting to see how Noel Gallagher’s new solo material will compare to that of brother Liam’s new Beady Eye outfit have been treated to a rare open interview from the legendary Britpop star.
At a 34-miute press conference last week Noel revealed the the process behind two forthcoming albums.
The singer claimed that as he was only responsible for writing around five songs per Oasis record over the last decade, he has had a wealth of ideas and material at the back of his mind to draw from.
It has now been confirmed that October 17th this year will see the release of his first post-Oasis sole work, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.
To the delight of his legion of fans across the country, Noel also announced that a second LP, as yet untitled and developed with the Amorphous Androgynous, will appear in the summer of 2012.
“[On] The High Flying Birds record… people who are fans of what I do will hear echoes of Oasis. But there isn’t a guitar solo on the record until the sixth track. It’s not very Guitar Hero,” he explained.
The album was recorded in London and Los Angles and saw Noel collaborate with Jeremy and Paul Stacey, Zutons’ bassist Russell Pritchard and former Oasis keyboardist Mikey Rowe.
Gallagher added that the second project will see him move off in a different direction, describing the work as “far out”.
“It’s got 18 tracks on it, some of it’s vaudeville, some of it’s actual space jazz, some of it’s ‘krautrock’, some it’s soul, some of it’s funk. And that’s just the first song. It’s the farthest out I’ve ever been,” he commented.
At the request of those in the audience at the press conference, Noel also opened up for the first time about the reason behind Oasis’ split.
According to more sensible half of the famous siblings, the whole thing started when Liam insisted that the Oasis tour be used as a platform to advertise his clothing label Pretty Green.
He went on to say that with tension mounting for weeks Liam then brandished a guitar at Noel on the eve of a gig in Paris, which prompted Noel to walk out and never return.
In true Gallagher brother style, on hearing upon Noel’s version of events, Liam criticised the interview, describing it as a “party political broadcast” and said new band Beady Eye are more interested in rock ‘n’ roll than talking.

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