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New Roland RP-201 Digital Piano

Roland RP-201
Affordable elegance, the new ##http://www.musicroom.com/se/ID_No/0706721/details.html##RP-201## brings Roland's superb piano sound and hammer-action keyboard into a compact, classy, and affordable instrument.

The RP-201 Digital Piano is an attractive and affordable instrument that brings the rich and beautiful sound of a grand piano within everyone’s reach. The RP-201 is not only a perfect piano for beginners, but also for anyone who wants to add a touch of piano elegance to their home, offering renowned Roland quality in an elegant, compact design
Featuring an 88-key stereo multi-sampled sound engine and 128-note polyphony, the RP-201 digital piano provides extremely realistic sound and a natural playing response. Every note is beautifully detailed, even down to subtle elements like the click sound of the hammers striking the strings, and the piano’s voice can be fine-tuned with three different resonance settings. The PHA alpha II keyboard accurately replicates the touch of a real acoustic grand, allowing players of any skill level to express themselves with complete musical freedom.
Equipped with a built-in stereo speaker system, this beginner’s piano delivers full, three-dimensional sound with an easy-to-adjust volume control. Available in a Satin Black or Rosewood finish, the compact and beautiful cabinet looks great and fits in nearly any space. It provides a smooth-sliding keyboard cover, three integrated pedals, and a headphone jack for silent practice. Roland technology also enables the RP-201digital piano to feature environmentally friendly, low-power consumption without sacrificing output level. There is even a handy hook for storing headphones, and music holders to keep sheet music in place.

The RP-201 is filled with great features for music practice and lessons that can be easily accessed with its dedicated front-panel buttons. A built-in recorder allows users to record their performances and check their progress, while the onboard metronome helps keep time. To aid piano teachers, Twin Piano Mode splits the keyboard and pedals into two parts with the same octaves. This allows the teacher to play along with their student, greatly speeding up the learning process.

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