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New Casio XW Series Synthesizers now available at Musicroom Bristol

The much anticipated, new Casio XW synth range has arrived in Bristol Musicroom. The XW range are Casio’s first professional synthesizers for 20 years and excitement surrounds their release.
There are two models in the series, the G1 Groove Synthesiser and the P1 Performance Synthesiser, and both have some fantastic features and capabilities. Both feature real time controls and assignable function knobs that can be used with a large series of PCM instrument sounds.

The XW-G1Groove Synth and the XW-P1 Performance Synth

Check out our exclusive demo video of the new synths in action at Musikmesse earlier this year:
[youtube id=”LeSv9pvuLm0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]
Try the XW-P1 Performance Synth for yourself at Musicroom Bristol.

With it’s unique Hex Layer, the P1 has the capability to layer or blend six tones together, all with editable control. As well as this the Hex sounds can also be combined in performance with the unique Drawbar organ feature or up to 4 PCM sounds.
Both the Hex Layer and Drawbar are simple to manipulate with the use of the sliding controls.
Other components of the P1 include an arpeggiator that can act as master or slave and a very powerful step sequencer which can have up to 8 different patterns at any one time. This means the P1 can synthesise a variety of instruments from drums to bass to pads. These sequences can also be chained together to create an arrangement, ideal for composers.
The XW-G1 Groove Synthesiser on display and ready to play at Musicroom Bristol.

The arpeggiator and step sequencer can also be found on the XW-G1 model, which features a Groove Sampler with real time controls rather than the P1’s Hex Layer or drawbar facility.
This makes the G1 a great choice for those who wish to do their own sampling. The G1 can sample either directly through the synth’s audio inputs or from uploaded Wav files for real time sample looping, and boasts an impressive upload capacity of 50 Wav files. Loops can feature an unlimited amount of samples and can last up to 19 seconds long.
Whether you need a synth for studio or stage use, the XW-G1 and XW-P1 professional models from Casio are well worth looking into. Why not head down to Musicroom Bristol and try the new Casio range for yourself?
For more details, or to make an order, contact Musicroom Bristol direct on 0117 929 0390 or at bristol@musicroom.com.

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