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New Bon Iver matching songbook now available at musicroom

Released in 2008, Bon Iver‘s debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago, quietly inspired a loyal following of fans drawn to Justin Vernon’s hauntingly beautiful, almost ethereal voice charged with emotion and possessive of the powers to express it. With its accessibility and simple humanity, the album appealed to singers and instrumentalist with performing and song-writing aspirations.
Bon Iver’s eponymous second album was recorded in a more conventional studio than the back garden shed used to record FEFA, albeit a converted veterinary clinic, and instrumentalists were brought in to complement the original one-man-Justin-Vernon-band.
A GRAMMY win in 2012 confirmed what the fans already knew, that Bon Iver was a fitting follow up to the original creation, taking the original concept and honing it, making it even better.
For those who would like to capture something of the album’s magic for themselves, Musicroom has just received stock of the of the matching songbook, containing all the songs including the masterpiece singles, Calgary, Holocene and Towers.
Check out the official music video for Holocene, the beautiful fingerpicking guitar-led second single from the album.

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