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Musikmesse 2012: Sixth Edition of the Eta Cohen Violin Method launched in Frankfurt

The newly revised sixth edition of the world-famous Eta Cohen Violin Method has been launched at Musikmesse 2012.
Having been taught to and enjoyed by generations of violinists around the globe, each title within this new edition of the best loved series comes with multiple specially recorded CDs containing backing track arrangements for students to play along with, and example demonstration tracks to accompany the book.
Helpful, high quality colour photographs accompany the examples and exercises throughout each book to guide students through the technical aspects of their playing.
“It’s truly the Delia Smith of Violin methods… the much-imitated, indispensible original” – James Murphy, Director, Southbank Sinfonia
Book one is a complete guide for the beginner violinistfocusing on securing a good playing technique early on through a series of fun and engaging pieces.
Book two introduces new keys, finger patterns and the fourth finger, along with different bowing techniques, following on from the first title.
The third book introduces the third and half positions, new major and minor keys, fourth finger extensions and yet more bowing types, including Martelé, Spiccato and Sautillé.
Book four focuses on advanced studies and pieces, and is suitable for students from grades 4-7. Intended as a title to open up the wider world of violin playing to students, the 2nd, 4th and 5th positions are introduced as well as trills, double stopping, chords, and a more in-depth look at Spiccato and Sautillé bowings.
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