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Musikmesse 2012: Roland upgrade V-Compact electronic drum range

Roland have announced an update to their entry level series of electronic drum kits, the V-Compact range.
The upgrades were unveiled at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, with the music electronics giant showcasing the drum set range’s new sound engine derived from the acclaimed flagship TD-30 line
New models of the TD-11K V-Drums and TD-11 Sound Module will feature a new “SuperNATURAL-enhanced” engine, offering a more natural sound and sample palette, along with a greater detection of subtlety and nuanced playing to aid expression.
Roland have labeled the updated detection feature as “Behaviour Modelling”, adding some new contact sensing tech to give players a more realistic drumming experience all round.
The PDX-8 mesh V-Pad snare in particular features some exciting new upgrades, featuring the amazing, in-house dual-triggering technology Roland have developed. The rim has been expanded to 10″ for added playing comfort and quieter rim-shots.
The toms and kick have also enjoyed some extra attention, with new, extra-durable 8.5″ rubber tom pads offering “super-accurate” responsiveness and an even more realistic kick drum feel.
The sound module features 50 onboard kits onboard, 25 of which are preset with an additional 25 ready for user customisation and input.
A model specific stand is also available, the MDS-4V, enabling fast setup and convenient transport for drummers who want to take their V-Compact kit with them.
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