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Musikmesse 2012: Roland unleash supercharged new custom stage amps at Frankfurt

Roland have launched two new stage-ready amplifiers at the Musikmesse 2012 musical trade show in Frankfurt.
Custom designed and “supercharged” for guitarists seeking a adaptable powerhouse to drive and shape their sound on-stage, the GA series amps are the brainchild of the Roland and BOSS R&D department.
The GA-112 (100W 1×12) and GA-212 (200W 2×12) combine cutting edge tonal technology with impressive punch – perfect for dominating any live setting!
At the heart of the GA series lies the Progressive Amp – the latest in COSM amp modelling technology.
From clean to Super Extreme, with just the twist of the DRIVE knob and the push of the Boost button, the amp can shapeshift and morph through the diverse sonic landscape and flavours of today.
Designed to empower guitarists with the tools to develop their own original sounds with minimal fuss, the amps feature intuitive controls and workflows to encourage rather than deter creativity. With only two volume knobs, three tone controls, and presence and reverb options to navigate, adjusting and tweaking is quick and easy.
Another new feature, the Smart Channel, is the player’s safety net – always saving the latest panel settings automatically to be recalled with a single button push.
The GA-112 is perfect for rehearsal studios or small- to medium-scale live venues, while the GA-212 is designed for medium to large stages. Both are road-tough and stage ready.
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