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Musikmesse 2012: Nord unveil the Electro 4D

Ten years on from the launch of the very first Nord Electro, Clavia have announced a new model for this year’s Musikmesse show in Frankfurt: the Electro 4D.
Still all about portable quality, the 61-note Electro is just 7kg with a semi-weighted waterfall keyboard and proper hands-on drawbars for optimum control.
The new organ section features a tonewheel engine derived from the flagship Nord C2D, whilst the on-board click modeling has been dramatically improved along with a new rotary speaker simulation drive and delay effects with tap-tempo and stereo Ping-Pong modes.
Other new improvements include support for Long Release, suitable for legato playing, and selectable String Resonance. Managing your sounds and programs is set to be even easier too with 4 Program Banks, 4 Live Locations and a USB port that doubles as an USB-MIDI interface.
The Electro 4D is also fully compatible with Nord’s ever-expanding collection of Sound Libraries.
Check out the press release below and head over to the Clavia website for more.
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