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Musikmesse 2012: Behold the Nord ANordian – a synth accordion or Frankfurt 2012’s first great spoof?

The Electro 4D isn’t the only new release from Nord doing the rounds on the internet.
Supposedly leaked to the online hive mind in advance of Musikmesse, Nord have apparently created the ANordian – an accordion synth packed full of the company’s best features and latest innovations.
The ANordian boasts a number of impressive components including F.A.R.T. (future accordion technology), B.S. (bagpipe synthesis) and H.A.K. (hammer action keyboard) which have divided the net – are Clavia, the Swedish piano manufacturers behind Nord, for real?
Perhaps the acronyms are just an unfortunate, comic case of ‘lost in translation’? We certainly hope so, and after hearing these direct quotes from Nord mainman and CEO, John W. Nord, we’re sure you will too: “People think I’m crazy? What?! You’re fired! Polka is the new dubstep!”
If the ANordian is real then polka will never be the same again!
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