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Musicroom Portsmouth announce line up for Acoustic Showcase Final

Click the image above for a full-size version of the event flyer.

The Musicroom Acoustic Showcase is entering its final round, with the Showcase Final at the hallowed Wedgewood Rooms stage on Thursday September 6 fast approaching.
After weeks of heats at the Edge of the Wedge venue, the Showcase has its four finalists. One of them will win a £549 guitar courtesy of Tanglewood and Musicroom Portsmouth, plus recording time thanks to The Suite studios.
Tickets are now available and on sale now from the Wedgewood Rooms website
Check out the confirmed line up of hopefuls below who will be battling it out for the main prize and competition crown: Jonny Bell, Sam J Cutbush, Leigh Mary Stokes and Luke Varndell.
Special guest Kayleigh Middleton will also be performing live on the night.
Originally from Devon, Jonny Bell, 25, has been playing and writing music for nearly 10 years, having honed his craft at open mic nights as a teenager. Having left the sleepy hills of his native country for the University life and bright lights of Portsmouth, things began to take off for Jonny, making contacts, friends and playing in various bands within the local scene. He always kept his solo stuff going however, writing new material alongside other projects.
Having already played in Europe, and with high hopes for the release of his EP Million Miles, due to land in March, Jonny hopes that this a successful appearance at the Showcase final could help to take his musical career onto the next level.
Taken from the Showcase Final event listing:
“Sam has been blessed with the gifts of sarcasm, cynicism and apathy, and loves nothing more than to moan about the state of the music industry, celebrity, money and anything else that grinds his gears. Now, through music, he finally has the vehicle to share his beefs with the world, and is waging all out war on these injustices, armed with nothing more than a voice, a guitar and a harmonica attached to his face.”
Leigh Mary Stokes is a singer songwriter from Southsea whose twee little songs have both confused and delighted audiences across the south coast over the past few years. With Leigh having been compared in the past to both Kate Nash, Lilly Allen and Fat Les, the guys behind the song Vindaloo, the performer herself suggests that audiences come down to The Wedgewood Rooms on September 6 and hear her music for themselves.
“A sore loser, relentlessly unorganised human being and an award-mocking local radio presenter, Leigh would like a break. Someone come and give her a kit-kat.”
Luke Kristopher Varndell (aka LkV) is a 24 year old, Portsmouth born, songwriter and acoustic musician. Having begun his music career some three years ago with “his own take” on acoustic rock, Varndell writes songs about his own life experiences and those of his friends, to their dismay. His aggressive playing style combines wrist flicks, fast fingering and quick mutes with distinct and raw vocals.
“LkV offers a unique acoustic experience for fans of Stone Sour, Nickelback, Fuel and Staind.”
Kayleigh Middleton, is a Southsea based singer songwriter who’s hauntingly beautiful songs and lyrics have marked her out as “a must see” performer on the local circuits and beyond. With her stunning vocal tone, Kayleigh has been invited to perform at the final to bring some talented neutrality to the competition’s climax, as she was had to drop out after being unable to take part in her scheduled Showcase semi-final heat.
Get your tickets now for the Musicroom Acoustic Showcase Final at the Wedgewood Rooms on Thursday September 6!

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