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Musicroom London: Eric Baumgartner Piano Workshop

Eric Baumgartner Piano Workshop – Thursday 20th March 2014 – 5pm
For the first time ever, Eric Baumgartner will be visiting UK and hosting Piano Workshop in Musicroom London!
Don’t miss this opportunity to see the renowned composer, arranger, teacher and performer present an overview of the classic Willis Music piano methods.
This event is a prime chance to satisfy your craving for timeless musical style, blended with solid pedagogy! Willis Music is proud to be the publisher of pedagogical legends John Thompson and Edna Mae Burnam.
Take a fresh look at their classic methods and rediscover why these courses have given millions of students the joy of learning to play the piano.
As a teacher you might like to Jazz up your studio, with help from this event watch your students eye light up as you help them discover the joy of playing jazz music! Willis Music offers exciting Jazz instruction and repertoire to motivate and inspire students of all levels. The event will show you how to incorporate basic jazz concepts into your lessons in a fun and non-intimidating way – no experience required!
To find out more about this event and reserve your place, please contact the guys in store:
C: +44 (0) 20 7632 3950
E: london@musicroom.com

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