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The Musicroom iPad App Returns: Bigger, Better & Faster Than Ever

We’re thrilled to announce that the Musicroom app has been updated – and it’s a monster!
The issue preventing your Apple password from being entered in order to purchase scores is now resolved, and AirTurn pedals are supported once again.
Thank you for your patience whilst these issues were being rectified.
Get playing again with our selection of free songs and a library of over 100,000 scores. The updated version now includes a free tuner, set lists,
and the ability to upload your own PDFs.
Fixes & Features include:

  • iOS keyboard bug fixed
  • Apple password bug fixed
  • Airturn support now available
  • Instant access to 100,000 digital sheet music titles
  • Free instrument tuner
  • Create your playlists and prepare your set with tap tempo metronome
  • Playback with multi-track mixer, transposition and instrument change options
  • Easy navigation with one-touch controls

Login to your Musicroom account and instantly access your existing digital library on you iPad – download it for free here.

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