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Musicians Union calls on BBC not to axe shows

The Musicians Union (MU) has voiced its concern about the axing of two popular specialist music shows on the BBC.
According to the organisation, if the broadcaster goes ahead with its plans to halt recordings of BBC Radio London’s ‘A World in London’ and Radio Derby’s ‘Folkwaves’ at the end of the year, it will be “disastrous” for musicians.
The MU argued that the London-based show is one of the “most inclusive” programmes in the BBC schedule as it boasts a “unique mix” of local and international artist interviews, CD reviews and an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary UK folk music.
Going Global, the show’s diary of world music events, concerts and clubs in and around the capital was also lauded by the MU as a highlight of the show.
The organisation also heaped praise on Folkwaves, saying the award-winning, long-running show has a huge following and is regularly listened to across the country by people tuning in via the internet.
Horace Trubridge, assistant general secretary at the MU, said: “We are very concerned that these two programmes have been axed with no consultation and very little warning. According to its remit to support minority and specialist music, these are the very sorts of programmes that the BBC should be supporting.
“They are also both very popular programmes, as demonstrated by the outcry that has been caused by these announcements. The loss of these programmes would be disastrous for musicians, who would lose out on airplay and royalties as well as publicity for upcoming gigs. The MU is asking the BBC to reconsider.”

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