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The Music Survey – Why You Should Take Part

The Music Survey

Let’s be honest, we all hate surveys. We hate them clogging up our inboxes; the promise of prizes we’ll never win (what do you mean I can’t win unless I fill it out?!). We hate the idea of someone ‘judging’ us based on our answer (yes, OK, I never exercise, does it matter?!) and don’t get me started on the number of ‘silly’ questions you must fill out.

no to surveys

But let me ask you this.

Are you counting how many steps you’ve done today? How many calories in your last meal? The number of units of alcohol after your last night out? (hmm…maybe not!). Do you rate the movies you watch on Netflix? Do you write reviews on the products you’ve bought on Amazon?

We track our behaviour more and more each day with one intention in mind, to get better. Either we’re improving ourselves (I WILL get off this sofa and go for a walk), or we’re improving the services offered to us (if Netflix tells me to watch Peppa Pig one more time…).

Surveys do the same thing. The same way you use information about yourself to improve, here at Musicroom, we use surveys to learn how to tailor products to your musical needs.

We don’t just sell great music books, we make them. Knowing your thoughts and opinions on things like why you’ve learnt an instrument or why you never jumped ahead help us understand you better, so we can make books that will help you improve your practice.

help me help you


Now for the shameless plug.

Do you want to see a change in our music books? Or have a problem in your practice that you’d like help with overcoming? Loved a music method and want more of it? If you want your voice to be heard, take part in our survey.

take the survey

And to say thank you, we’re offering people who complete the survey a chance to win vouchers from £50–£100 to spend on the Musicroom website.

thank you

Just think of all the fun things you could buy.

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