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Music Student Back To School Essentials

Music Student Essentials

It’s getting to that time of year again. September is moving inevitably closer, which means the school gates will soon re-open and drag you back for a year of learning… whatever that is!

There is one silver lining, however, and that’s the beautiful new set of STUFF you get to buy before you go. I mean, who doesn’t love a stationary spree?

To celebrate the glorious stationary spree you’re soon to undertake, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites essentials.





Music Bag£7.99

Music Bag£7.99

Music Bag£7.99

Music Bag£7.99

Never again will you have to frantically search your school bag for your notes.

Never again will you pull them out ripped, torn or crumpled.

With these funky little numbers, you can carry all your musical goodies in one place.  That gold star for organisation is looking more and more like a sure bet!



Music manuscript book£1.99

Musicroom Practice Book£1.99

How to Blitz Musical Knowledge£12.99

A Dozen a Day£5.99

Blitz your musical knowledge, get through your technical exercises, and put it all down in your practice book.

Because to-do lists are made to be ticked off!



Small Stationary Kit£4.99

Music Note Stationary Bag£3.99

Guitar pencil and rubber£1.99

musical pencils£7.99

Because…well, just look at them! Do you really need any other reason?!

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