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Music store bans Adele renditions

A music shop in Dublin has banned its customers from playing any Adele tunes when trying out the musical instruments.
Since the singer’s global success and meteoric rise to fame, tracks from her album 21, in particular Someone Like You, has become a firm favourite for testing out a keyboard in the shop. So much so that staff at the store have been driven mad with hearing the song played so often.
So, customers visiting Opus II will find a sign in the window stating ‘strictly no Adele’.
“You get sick of songs when you hear them so often,” explained assistant manager Joanna Corscadden.
“There was one particular day about a week ago when it had been played five times within half an hour and a member of staff decided to put up a sign saying ‘Strictly No Adele please’ sort of as a joke but also because we were all so sick of hearing the song.”
She added, however, that the sign is purely tongue-in-cheek and of course, customers can play the track if they want to.
It echoes the popular joke that music shops once banned customers from playing Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven when trying out guitars.
However, it is not just Adele who Opus II asks not to be played. The sign also requests that customers refrain from playing Fur Elise by Beethoven and anything by composer Michael Nyman such as the music from The Piano.
Meanwhile, Adele is currently embarking on a UK tour, although she was forced to cancel a number of shows earlier this month from illness.
Owing to her success – 21 has become the first to reach three million sales in one calendar year – Adele announced to fans at London’s Hammersmith Apollo that she will next be performing in arenas.
Despite claiming that she would not play arenas, the Rolling in the Deep star will play the O2 Arena in February.

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