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The Music Sales Tracks of 2016 part 1

2016 has been, we think it is fair to say, at best a mixed bag for music fans. Few of us have been untouched by the tragic deaths of so many musicians in 2016 but equally few music fans have been untouched by the incredible music that has been released this year.
With a view to seeing 2016 out on as high a note as possible we have collated the albums of the year from Music Sales staff, creating our definitive album Top Ten for 2016 and three playlists of our top tracks from the results.  We hope you find something new from the list, we hope you agree with portions of the list and disagree with others. We hope this starts a conversation, makes you think about your own top ten list for 2016 and encourages you to share it. Because, at the end of it all, we’re all music lovers and we’re all in this together. These are the tracks we loved this year, tweet us @MusicroomOnline with yours.
This is the first playlist, with two more to follow every Friday of December and our top ten to be revealed on the 30th of December. Enjoy.

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