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Music is 'integral' to film success

From Tchaikovsky to Take That and Elvis to Celine Dion, a number of artists have made the transition to the big screen.
Music in general – or even a single iconic song – can help to enhance a viewer’s experience beyond both words and images, which is why film-makers go to such lengths to get the right music for a film. A good soundtrack can add so much to a movie and make the whole experience truly unforgettable.
Trade organisation the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI) explained that the choice of music for a film or TV programme can help to determine its success.
“There are instances, both in film and in big TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and CSI, that can make a lot of difference to global exposure,” Adam Liversage, director of communications for the BPI, said. “If you get a little-known song onto the soundtrack of one of these programmes it can massively help to raise your exposure. There is a synergy between the two.”
The Kings Speech
He noted that the music on Glee is a good example of how soundtracks to TV shows can hugely influence an audience, with the show having experienced massive chart success and helping to bring new sounds to a wider more global audience.
“Film soundtracks that have popular songs in them, such as Billy Elliot, tend to do well. Particularly something like a Tarantino film which features hitherto obscure classic songs that he’s dug out and put on the soundtrack – those soundtracks can take on a life of their own,” Mr Liversage added.
His comments follow the publication of new research listing the most played movie tracks ever recorded.
Research by industry rights body PPL found that Take That‘s Rule the World, which featured in Matthew Vaughn’s fantasy Stardust, has taken top spot.
They were closely followed by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes’ Dirty Dancing anthem (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life, while All Saints came third with Pure Shores which featured in The Beach.

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