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Military Wives release “Stronger Together” video

The Military Wives’ Choir have released a new music video to promote their latest single, Stronger Together. Scroll down to check it out below.
Last year, the choir, made up of the wives, girlfriends and partners of active British servicemen, scored a UK Christmas number one with Paul Mealor’s tender composition Wherever You Are. The Military Wives stormed to the top of the charts after capturing the nation’s emotions and imagination on Gareth Malone’s BBC series, The Choir.
Their success helped to inspire a nationwide choral renaissance which has seen new singing groups and choruses spring up in almost every UK town, city and village hall.
The Salisbury Plains Military Wives Choir were one of the groups spawned by the burgeoning movement, and have since joined the original ensembles from the TV series to sing at the Olympic Opening Ceremony, Golden Jubilee Concert and the Classic BRIT awards. They also feature in the new Military Wives music video.
Watch Stronger Together below:

Video: Military Wives – Stronger Together music video
What do you think of the Military Wives’ new video? How do you feel that they have influenced the popular resurgence of choral music in the UK?

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