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Metallica wins best heavy metal competition

Master of Puppets by Metallica has been crowned as the best heavy metal song of all time, beating the likes of Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Black Sabbath.
Gibson recently called upon its editors, writers and readers, to weigh in and help it create a definitive list of the greatest metal songs of all time.
The song, first released in 1986, is known for its razor-sharp intro riff and fast tempo.
Metallica managed to fight off competition in the top ten from Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Black Sabbath, as well as defeating a long list of other top bands including Van Halen, Twisted Sister, KISS, AC/DC and Rage Against the Machine.
And it is hard not to agree with the guitar manufacturer’s decision, with Metallica representing the coming together of four hugely talented musicians who managed to steer rock music in new directions and serve to inspire a number of artists.
In fact, their third album Master of Puppets is described as one of the most influential and “heavy” thrash metal albums in history.
Over the course of 30-year carer, Metallica has released nine studio albums, three live albums and 45 singles. The band has won nine Grammy Awards and achieved estimated worldwide sales of 100 million records.
Influenced by early heavy metal and hard rock bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Scorpions the band has experimented with a number of styles incorporating blues and early hard rock influences.
Later albums have also looked to introduce more rhythm and harmony in their song structures.
Motorhead’s Ace of Spades was named by Gibson as the second best heavy metal song of all time.
“From the moment Lemmy hits the gas pedal on the opening bass riff, the song never relents … if that doesn’t set your blood boiling, then you simply don’t have a pulse,” Gibson said.

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