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McCartney praises music scene

Former Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney has claimed that the modern The Songs Of Paul McCartneymusic industry is as good as when he was in his prime.
The iconic musician has backed Kings of Leon, Kasabian and British rapper Plan B as some of the most talented acts in music today. Indeed, Sir Paul even suggested that some of the music currently in production is even better than it was in his heyday.
Speaking to the Sun newspaper, he said: “I think there’s a lot of great music around, I really do.
“You get someone going, ‘Oh, it’s not like it was in my day’. No, it’s different. It isn’t like it was in your day. And actually some of it is better. I like Kings Of Leon, I think they’re really cool. I like Plan B, he’s good. He has really got it – a good singer.”
The singer-songwriter’s comments coincide with the re-launch of his classic 1973 Wings album Band On The Run.
Band On The Run was Sir Paul’s fifth album since The Beatles separated Play Piano With... Paul McCartneyand it became Wings’ most successful piece of work and remains the most celebrated of his post-Beatles recordings.
In an interview with Clash Music recently, he revealed how the commercial success of the album was a seminal moment in Wings’ career as a band and helped to define their future direction.
He explained: “I think we just became a better band. I’d figured out what I’d been trying to work out, which was ‘what was the Wings sound?’ And once you had it, then you could be with it.
“I think that’s what happens with bands – it certainly happened with The Beatles and with Wings: you start off imitating people and just goofing around, trying to find out what works and what doesn’t work.”

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