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Martin and Epiphone guitars arrive at Salisbury

Musicroom Salisbury have taken delivery of two new ranges of Martin and Epiphone guitars.
One of the most trusted and prestigious names in acoustic guitars, Martin is a brand  sought after and loved by guitarists across the world.
Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney and Neil Young have all been Martin players of the past and present, drawn to the company’s rich and proud pedigree as one of the truly great American acoustic guitar manfacturers.
Founded in 1873, Epiphone have built a reputation on quality, reliability and excellent value. From their signature Les Paul and SG models to their acclaimed archtop guitars, Epiphone are one of the most storied and respected instrument manufacturers around.
Hamlet and Rachel, two of Salisbury’s in-store experts, have been putting their store’s beautiful new instruments through their paces, and picked out a couple of highlights for the Musicroom blog.
As a jazz player, Rachel went straight for the Epiphone ES339 vintage Sunburst archtop.
Its smooth, expressive hollow body tone and great feel make it the perfect choice for players seeking an electric guitar of real depth that stills pack the fret board agility they need to play their way out of the tightest of spots.
Hamlet has been trying out the new Martin range and found exactly what he was looking for in the 15 Series guitars.
“The Martin 15 Triple L is great for finger picking. It’s got a lovely mahogany top, back and sides which gives it a mellow tone that really stands out. Real quality and an awesome sound,” he told the Musicroom blog.
For more information on the new Martin and Epiphone guitars at Musicroom Salisbury, contact the store direct at or call 01722 322278.

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