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Ludovico Einaudi's New Single 'Night' Is Now Available For Pre-order

‘Night’ is the second track on Ludovico Einaudi’s much-anticipated forthcoming album Elements (Decca Records).
The album takes inspiration from elements of nature, with each track evolving from a small gesture or motif. The opening keyboard loop forms the identity for ‘Night’, which develops gradually with gentle cross rhythms from the piano, blended with rich harmonies and scalic fragments from the strings (recorded on the album by the Amsterdam Sinfonietta).
The sheet music to ‘Night’ is now available here, complete with the original backing track created by the composer himself.
Pre-order the album on iTunes, and sign up to Musicroom for your first chance to pre-order the sheet music.
You can check out the rather nifty preview site here:
Einaudi preview
For the first time, a composer has given fans the chance to perform his new music without unveiling the piece itself.
Einaudi has revealed the notes (but not the rhythm or tempo) to his new track ‘Night’ so you can have a go at playing it… but the track itself won’t be revealed until tomorrow when he announces his new album.
It’s done through ‘Touch Pianist’ – an interactive website which transforms your computer keyboard into a piano.

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