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Musicroom London: The continued success of Live @ 5IVE 2014

On Friday 28th March, the wonderful Iro Kleitou performed a beautiful set for our latest Live @ 5IVE event.
“Iro gave us a wonderful performance of her heartfelt and emotional piano based love songs to a very appreciative audience, including two former Live @ 5IVE performers!” – Tamer, Sales Advisor in Musicroom London.
It was a phenomenal afternoon with Live @ 5IVE once again proving why it is the best way to celebrate the end of the working week.
Now that we are almost in April, we can proudly confirm that Mané Bischof will be performing for our Live @ 5IVE concert on Friday 25th April!
If you would like to put yourself, or someone you know, forward to perform at one of our future Live @ 5IVE events in London, then please email London@musicroom.com.
Iro Kleitou
Iro Kleitou on SoundCloud – https://soundcloud.com/ero_etsi
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