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Line 6 release firmware update for Variax and HD product series

Owners of the POD HD500 and POD HD multi-effect units should head over to line6.com for a free new firmware update that will increase the functionality of their gear.
The update includes two new HD guitar models, a HD bass model customisable with eight mic model choices (a world first!) and a new vintage-voiced preamp model.

Called the “Flip Top” line6’s new HD Bass Amp Model is the first of its kind on any hardware platform, based on Ampeg’s B-15NF Portaflex. Players can choose from a number of popular studio mics to tweak their sound including the Shure SM57, Sennheiser 421, AKG D112 and Neumann U47 along with four other options.
Alongside the new “Flip Top” comes the Plexi Lead NRM” and “Plexi Lead BRT” HD Guitar Amp Models. Based on the Normal and Bright inputs of the Marshall “Plexi” 1959 Super Lead 100-watt head, HD users can now dial into some classic cascading crunch to nail their sound.
Last but not least, the “Vintage” HD Mic Preamp offers tube sounds inspired by the Requisite Y7, perfect for adding some deep warmth to vocals and guitar and bass tones.
The update also includes a number of new features to enhance the HD, DT and James Taylor Variax lines, giving users a bit more oomph in an easier to use set up.
For more details on this update, and to download it for free, check out the line6 website.
The POD HD v2.0 firmware update is available for POD® HD500, POD HD, and POD HD Pro. POD HD v2.0 firmware updates for POD HD300 and POD HD400 are coming soon.

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