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Limited edition Gretsch Cherry Blossom now in at Musicroom Salisbury

Musicroom Salisbury has taken stock of an extremely limited edition Gretsch Cherry Blossom Electromatichollow body guitar – one of only 200 models made in the world.
The limited run of Cherry Blossom guitars is due to a unique quirk of fate on the company’s manufacturing line.
An experienced painter at the Gretsch factory was prepping top coats on two-hundred new Electromatic G5422TDCG double-cutaway guitars earlier this year. His intention was to roll off a new batch of guitars with the Snow Crest White finish. What the painter hadn’t realised was that he had connected the paint supply with a contaminated feed that had just been used to colour a run of Cherry Red guitars. Needless to say, adding even the slightest tint of coloured pigment to a paint described as Snow Crest isn’t going to give you a pure white finish!

The red tinted off-white finish is truly limited edition – unique to just 200 guitars.

Instead, this accidental moment of serendipity created a gorgeous high-gloss white finish that embodied a hint of red tint. Looking down on the fresh run of newly painted guitars – gleaming away in a colour that wasn’t scheduled to be produced – the shop foreman questioned the painter on the unexpected look of the instruments.
Embarrassed and unsure of how his accidently brilliant mis-hap had occurred, the painter responded with face-saving confidence, “what you see before you is not guitars painted the wrong color, but 200 instruments finished in the shade, CHERRY BLOSSOM!”
Speaking about the chaotic genius and story behind their latest limited edition guitars, Gretsch said: “sometimes with good intentions, even the best well laid out plans can go haywire, with glorious results.”
Underneath its unique paintwork, the Electromatic G5422TDCG is a bound double-cutaway hollow body guitar that features sound-post bracing, elegant bound f holes and a set of dynamic new Black Top Filter’Tron pickups, based on a found pair of Baldwin-era Filter’Tron pickups. These authentically vintage and retro humbuckers provide players with a knockout punch and phenomenal twang.
Other features include a maple neck and bound rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets with hump-black pearloid inlays, gold plexi pickguard, a three-position pickup switch, classic “G” arrow control knobs, rosewood-based Adjusto-Matic bridge, and Bigsby-licensed B60G vibrato tailpiece. To complete the look, the guitar is finished off with vintage-style open-back tuners and gold-plated hardware.
Contact Musicroom Salisbury today to find out more about this unique guitar or to make your purchase and become one of the lucky 200!
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