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Learn and earn grades as a band with Rockschool Band Exams

Turn those hours spent with your band in the practice studio with the Rockschool Revised Band Exams.

Rockschool, the leading accredited provider of rock and pop exams, have revised their examinations to bring through fresh repertoire from their acclaimed 2012 syllabus.
Playing in a band or ensemble is a vital part of rock, pop, metal and other popular styles, something which the new Band Exams reflect and celebrate.
Recognising that the most important part of playing together is gaining an awareness of other musicians, their parts and how they work together, students can now gain accredited qualifications by learning as a group.
Of course, some students prefer to learn to play and earn their grades individually, but the beauty of Rockschool’s new 2012-2018 Syllabus is the range of specially written pieces ideal for both bands and soloists.
Check out the Rockschool band playing Geek below using the Rockschool Guitar, Bass and Drums Grade books.
[youtube id=”ks83h8e87RY” width=”600″ height=”350″]
Each book contains the same tracks at 3, 5 and 8 grades – perfect for band members wanting to learn their parts individually, before practising and performing sonhs as a group. The Rockschool Syllabus for Guitar, Bass and Drums is also great for Teachers, who are empowered to assess individual and band performances, using the books to drive school band practices, extra-curricular sessions during lunch hours or after school, and end of term concerts.
Rockschool’s unique Band Exams offer students the opportunity to turn all those hours spent at band practice into accredited qualifications. Groups can perform five pieces for the Rockschool grade books, or three pieces with two free choice tracks. Each band member is also given the opportunity to improvise during the exam, gaining even more practical, real world skills through their performance.
Successful Grade 8 students also gain 55 to 75 UCAS points towards University and further education courses.
Individual graded pieces for each instrument are available to download as PDFs and audio files for just £2.99 at Musicroom, where you can also find the full range of Rockschool books and exam materials.

To find out more about Band Exams visit the Rockschool official website.

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